The Gods Will Be Overthrown


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released November 23, 2016


tags: punk Melbourne


all rights reserved


seventhxdayxrecords Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: In Sins
Disconnected from my own consciousness,
Trapped within this worn haze.

Committing the deadly sins,
Human beings controlled since birth,
Slaving around to the sinful creations,
Terminating the world.

Forced to starve,
Purged by authority,
Voices heard from inside,

Forsaken within this forgotten place,
Constant haze of unconsciousness,
The father of hell consumed us all,
Death is fucking here.
Track Name: Eternal Sleep
Eternal Sleep, the sky weakens.
Eternal Sleep, struggling
Eternal Sleep to survive,
Eternal Sleep these thoughts.
Excluded from this world,
Society targets me,
How can I survive,
In a world that’s out to get me.

The pressure strengthens within me,
The heart slowly diminishes,
The mind, vexed to the core.
My existence, beaten.

Misled, abandoned, deceived.
Forced to believe.
Consumed by the force,
Of the fucking dark side.
The pressure strengthens within me,
The heart slowly diminishes,
The mind, vexed to the core.
My existence, crushed.
Eternal Sleep,
Where were you,
When I needed you the most.
Track Name: Judgement Day
Forgive me father for the sins I am about to commit,
Torn from the ashes, consumed by the blood lost.
The angel of death, out for you.

Your actions, served. (BLAKE: SERVED)
Your throat, slitted. (BLAKE: SLITTED)

Don't cross my path,
this angel of death,
will hunt for you,
your existence beaked.

Meet me at the crossroad, (everyone: crossroads)
Face to fucking face, (face)
Feel the pain, (pain)
Feel the blood be drained. (drained)

Judgement day, served to death.
Punished for these sins,
Left for the unknown.

The angel of death,
has heard our prays,
You will not make it out alive,
No point hiding, from your fucking fate.
Track Name: Overthrown
The world consumed by the masters,
The darkness surrounds us,
The brick of extinction upon us.

Injustices laid before our eyes,
The bright light fades away,
Tormented souls left to wonder
The gods will be overthrown,
They will, face the consequences
They will, feel the fucking pain
You will not see the sun set.

The evilness rises in me,
Your future, determined.
Your neck, around the noose.
Entombed, beaten, deceased.

The gods will be overthrown.