by Masochist

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released July 8, 2016


tags: punk Melbourne


all rights reserved


seventhxdayxrecords Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: home wrecker
Why are we the home wreckers?
Why aren't you the fuckwit?
Blamed for your ignorance
Shamed for your bullshit.

Don't fucking touch me
I'm not responsible for you

Waste of time
Waste of fucking mind
Track Name: Hostile
Exclusion based on nothing
But your fucked up point of view
Spitting venom from your perspective
No sympathy for others
No tolerance for you

You don't deserve the life
you have you racist waste of flesh
Known comfort all your useless life
Never had any less

Exclusion based on nothing
But your fucked up point of view
No sympathy for others
No tolerance for you

History repeats itself again
Bitter thoughts cause bitter ends
Track Name: Nothing for you
Don't say anything about my looks
pr what I'm wearing
I'm fine without your comment
And without your creepy staring

Nothing makes it okay
To scream out your car at girls
Catcalling's macho bullshit
Leave us alone

We don't dress for you
This make up's not for you
This walk's not for you
There's nothing here for you

Track Name: Not welcome
Self entitled misogynistic bullshit
Macho jerk the only way to fit in
Telling me the lack of my worth
I'm not welcome here, that I don't belong

Forced to the back for the very last time
I won't stand for this
I'm as important as you
My voice it matters
Get your boot off my neck

Why are you so scared
to treat me as an equal?
I demand respect
Girls to the front
and to where they wanna be
Never in your debt.
Track Name: Shame
Saying no shutting out
Push away the needy
Thought of yourself no one else
Ignore the real problems

Quick fix no comment
Power hungry coward
How are you a leader?

I'm ashamed of where I'm from
That's on you

Nothing was the same
Yet nothing had changed