by Fearless

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released October 16, 2016



all rights reserved


seventhxdayxrecords Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Intro-Consumer chains
We live in fear
Fear and denial
We use and consume
To 'set ourselves free'
It's all a farce
Just a fucking lie
No amount of shit can
fix your fuckin life

and think
You don't
You don't have to live this way

Set yourself fucking free!
Track Name: Time Is Up
Pushed to the side
Their right to be here
Is just as much as mine
Yet time after time
We let our sisters down
In the things we do
And the things we say

In every 'joke' and
At every show
There lies a truth
In what we have made
Enough is enough
Its Time to shut it down
Push to the front
And shout out loud

Brothers in spirit
Sisters in rage
Lets fight the imbalance
And write a new page
Hand in fuckin hand
United we stand
Fuck your prejudice
It's time that it ends!

We've had enough
We're not your fools
Your time is up
We're fuckin comin for you
Track Name: Conscious Youth Crew
Is this the price we pay
To live in apathy?
Have we lost our grip
On reality?
Its our consciousness
We've put up for trade, and
What do we lose?
Our insurgency! (Joel)

Won't be a victim
To this fucking game
There's way too much to lose
To live complacently (Joel)

I'll do what I can
Anyway and anyhow
Change is what we need
And the time is now
Track Name: Inhumane
Can't deny
What you know
Fuckin abuse

The time has come to draw the line
Wasting lives has had it's time
Greed and gluttony are no excuse
Its time to set them free

We can change
And the time is now
A life's a life
And that's the bottom line
Track Name: Force For Change
Force for Change! (Gang vocals)

Everything you fuckin do

Force for Change!

It all comes down to you

Force for Change!

You have got a fuckin choice

Force for Change!

So Stand your ground and
Raise your voice!


Force for Change!

Embrace your identity

Force for Change!

Never doubt your agency

Force for Change!

Fuck the bigots and the hateful few

Force for Change!

Let no one try and silence you!